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Posted by Borge Oestvold ( on March 05, 2003 at 05:50:03:

What it takes to retire? age? no, it takes money..
What if you had this option right now... in next 6 months..

Every journey begins with the first step....... Close your
eyes and imagine how you'll feel when you start cashing
that $4,000 (USD)* check each month! There are CCI members
right now who are cashing those checks..... People just
like you...
1st Step
It's as easy as joining CCI for $9.99 and the CCI Upgrade
for an additional $9.99....That's a total of $19.98......... For under $20 you
start your own business which will begin to return a real
monthly income within just a few months........2nd Step
Invite 4 members into CCI just like you....... People who
want to be making $4,000 in six months...
3rd Step

Help your 4 new members do the same as you...... Which is
find their 4 people who want to be making $4,000 in six
That's it.... It's that easy... You've now set something
in motion.... A boulder tumbling down a hill that will
begin to pick up momentum as it continues, until it
becomes an avalanche....
This is what your avalanche will look like as it picks up
1st Month Your monthly fees are covered once you have
invited your 4 CCI Upgrade Members at $19.98 each.2nd Month You receive a check
for $18.99
3rd Month You receive a check for $100
4th Month You receive a check for $200
5th Month You receive a check for $1,300
6th Month You receive a check for over $4,000 and every
month thereafter!!!!!!!
This is not a megaopps opportunity but a core opportunity
within CCI, the same company with megaopps,but if you join
this, you could update your megaopps CCI ID from this..
If you want to commit with me for 6 months to retire, get
in today and change your all plans for next year.
Pl do not join me if you can't commit for 4-6 months of
hard work..
What you get? see yourself, anything to live a decent life
on this earth the world.
Get in early before any one gets it:

all the best!
Borge oestvold

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