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How To Be An Internet Marketing Champion

How bad do you want to make money on the internet? You know thousands of people are doing it and maybe you've had a little success. But do you really want your own business operating 24 hours a day making money for you?

If you don't then why are you reading this? You must know that you can do this or you would be off investing your time in watching TV or building an ant farm right now.

We all know that many people have created successful internet businesses with little or no money. I guarantee you that all of these folks started out with positive attitudes and their minds focused on winning.

So what makes the attitude of a champion work online? It's simple. There are a few things that you should be doing to market like an Internet Marketing Champion:

1. You have to LOOK for what's missing and then provide it. Focus on SOLUTIONS. Not only what people need, but if you want to sell well you have to give people what they want. You will be much more successful by selling products that are interesting to you.

Before you create a product do research to make sure that people want to buy it. Even if you know they need it. People spend most of their money on what they want, not what they need. Do you see people spending more money on sodas and beer they want (that make them unhealthy) or health food that they need to be healthy? If you don't have money to pay your bills and you really want to go to see a movie do you go to the movie or save the cash for bills you need to pay?

2. You have to do what other people don't want to do. Obviously you and I are entrepreneurs so we already find creative ways to build our businesses. You already know about the basics: classifieds, search engine placement, submitting articles, publishing your own ezine, building your own opt-in list, etc. But are you doing all of these extra things to build your business?

- Marketing offline
- Testing different sales letters to see what works best
- Studying copywriting masters and copying their killer ads and sales letters
- Having a Successful Internet Marketer review your site copy and layout to help you maximize sales to your traffic
- Spending 90% of your time on marketing
- Marketing at least an hour a day
- Studying direct marketing as well as internet marketing
- Going to internet marketing seminars - where the true secrets are revealed by the people making the most money
- Using e-bay to advertise your site and sell your products
- Reviewing and updating your business plan monthly

3. You have to have a full time attitude. Even if you only work on your business part time, you have to have a big vision and big goals. If you're just doing this for some extra cash you will definitely fail. If you genuinely want to help others and provide solutions to their problems you will do well. Are you in this for the long haul (Champion) or just for a quick buck (it won't happen my friend)?

4. You have to have a compelling reason that drives you to make money online. Why do you want a lot of money? If you just want stuff you will probably fail. To be DRIVEN you need to have to get braces for your kid. You have to need money to put your kids through college. You have to need to make more money or you'll lose your house.

Get it? Your reason has to be something bigger than just making yourself happier or more comfortable. The bigger your reason is the higher chance of success you will have. If your reason is too small, you'll give up before you reach your goal.

When things are rough you can focus on your "WHY" and it will give you the power to go forward towards your success.

5. Besides the right attitude, you have to have 3 types of products: FREE products, a lead product and a backend product. Give away FREE products that are valuable for your target audience. Then offer them a lead product (less than $50). Then keep in touch with your customers and offer them a backend product (over $300). You will make most of your money on the backend product. Most people who only have one product don't do very well.

Internet Marketing Champions know that success on the internet comes from relationships. Care about what you're doing and the people who are your clients. Be a problem solver.

If you're commited to making tons of money on the internet, you have fun and you focus on your business with a positive solution-based attitude, you're an Internet Marketing Champion in the making. Keep your focus, do what you have to do and your business will grow and grow and grow. Or forget about all this and go start an ant farm.

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